Special Thanks to…. ^^,

Special thanks to my group members that give so much efforts in order to complete this assignment.





Also the the lecturer Dr. Rosseni (ummi), En.Helmi and all other facilitators for helping us a lot and give us more new knowledge about Technologies. Till we meet again Assalammualaikum


EduTechNovation Day ^^,

thanks erna for the smart poster hehehe

SAVE M.E- It was our video title. M.E convey the meaning of  MY EARTH thats me we we need to save our earth. The purpose of making this video is to enhanced awareness towards nature among human being. We realize now, the earth was getting older and we need to do something to prevent it from getting worst.

Our Thinking Skills class end early today because Dr. Sharipah only make some revision for the upcoming exam, plus she noticed that all of us were so excited to move to the computer lab 2. She was very kind and understanding and she apologize us because she cannot attend our presentation day.

When we had arrived, Ummi ask us to paste our poster on  the soft board and take our time to calm down before we start the presentation. Luckily, Ayie come at the right time before the Dean come. Hehee I’m the one who asked Ayie to back to his college and change to a formal outfit.

Very Inspired Dean

Our day begin with a little speech from our Dean, Prof. Dr. Lilia Halim. Her talk was very inspired and we all feel honored that she could come to our EduTechNovation Day. Oh ya, she did mention that she manage to read one of our class group blog, which bring Nature Theme. Guess what??That’s was our group blog, heehe thanks to Winnie and Ayie for keep on our group blog always updated. Thanks too Dr. too because make herself free on our big day..

awesome posters of the day =)

The presentation starts with MeranMovies Productions which consists of Imran, Nadia, Farah Sakinah, Michelle and Niesa.  Their video named BACK THEN and convey the message about different lifestyle of people nowadays compared to previous time. There are lots of different attitude highlights by them in their short movie. Especially when kids nowadays were not respect towards the elderly and had diminish their positive values.

MeranMovies Productions

The second presenter was Kitakita Productions..which is my group ^^, Actually we changed our group name in last minutes because we think that EduTech productions  seems so common and very straight to Educational Technology hheee, So, we decided to change our name to a more interesting and catchy name. Yes, we had choose to highlights nature sentiments in our video. We focus on three main stages which is the beauty of the world, the consequences and the steps taken to save our earth. We do video shooting, we interviews some flash floods victims and we together being an actor to complete this video.

KitaKita Productions

The third group presents that day was Futorama Films. Their members are Fahmi, Farahin, Shikin, Prasna, Hafizie and Shafika. Their video them was about a helthy living style by practice outdoor activities. They took Broga Hills as their main place of shooting and get some responds from other people about hiking activities. Ummi suggested that this video can be promoted to Ministry of Health as a awareness campaign video. Good Job guys.

Futorama Films

The next group was Shafasafiratin Productions. The group members are Safwan, Farahafizah, Syira, FNS and Kak Ana. Their group name was unique because it was an acronym from all of their group members name. Their video was about friendship entitled SAHABAT. I love their story on how friendship does not happened for those who had a same interests and age. The beginning of the video impressed me a lot because it was shoot from a good angle.

Shafasafiratin Productions

Then it’s come to ChaCha creations group to present their video. Their group members are Yasmin, Adira, Jannah, Nora and Zarina. It was a very interesting video they made because they use fast motion technique. I love the doodle they made as the subject of the video. Oh, the video entitled Izara Asiah, it’s actually about a girl that have problem to perform her solat while traveling. The story focus on Ruksah Solat about Jamak Qasar and Jamak Taqdim. It was a good video because we can practice that solat when we are traveling. So, it was not an excuse to say no to solat because Islam ease their Ummah =)

ChaCha Creations

The last group presenting today was Last Minute Productions. The group members are Haidir, Azalea, Norana, Veni, Atikah and Izziatie. The theme was about friendship also on how they get to know each other and also what would they be in the future. The interesting part is when Izziatie be a singer in the future. They even had their soundtrack for this video. Their video was so attracting and looks like real drama.

Last Minute Productions

Ummi and other lecturers are very proud of us that we can made a good video even though we are not from IT background. However, we cannot being like this without guidance from them. Miss Aida made her promise to give prize to the best group presenting the video, but Ummi and other  tutors decided to give the prize for the whole class. Thanks Ummi for making the best decision for us. Before going back, all of us taking picturessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss together. Yes so many SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS huehue because TESLians love camera a lot =)


Reflection week 13 ^^,

It’s normal when student get stress while studying. Sometimes it’s come from ourselves and sometimes might come from other people. It was quite a challenging time for us being in Semester III, we undergo a lots of challenging time, but it’s okey take challenge for worthless experienced.

Now, back to the topic for today class we start our class a bit late because there are some lecturers made a discussion in the lab. It was so exciting when we could learn something that we want to for such a long time. Huuu actually we a re going to learn about Adobe Photoshop today. Sounds interesting right?? I been waiting this since our first class.

During the class we learn how to  crop the object we want from the whole picture.

I tried to applied what I learn in class to edit this picture. To edit the picture we need to use magnetic lasso tool, then applied it to the object that we want to. Make sure the end of the sign meet each other. After that, we can erase the background that we don’t want.

For this picture, I edit this by using filter. I use charcoal effects to add the blur elements to the picture. Isn’t it wonderful? There are more effects we can applied to the pictures like sketching and so on.

Then, Encik Helmi proceed today’s lecture with Adobe Premier Pro, and againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn there are problems hhhere and there. Some computers don’t have that software and some are not compatible. So, Encik Helmi just show the steps at the slides. After that, Pn. Haz took over the class. She give a short brief on next week tentative. We need to make a film poster for our group, presentation slides about 4-5 slides, and make a flow chart to show our process of video making. The dean will come around 9.45 a.m to give her speech. All of us was so worries about next week, but I hope everyone can handle with the situation and give the best for this subject. Good Luck Guys =)

Reflection Week 12 ^^,

Apa khabar semuaaaaaa =) Semoga sihat-sihat sahaja.hehee


Hye, I’m Casper,one of the kids favorite cartoon =D Nice meeting you everybody………







We are not going to learn about casper cartoon today, but we are going to learn about CASPER in presentation slides. Sound interesting right? So…lets check it out what we have learn for today class ^^,

  • Layout design in electronic presentation such as power point, refers to the skill used to arrange media in the slide in order to produce an attractive presentation
  • CASPER, the principle of design
  • Guidelines on how to arrange media; text, graphic, animation, and video


The first element is contrast.Contrast was used to show different items on screen, it should be differentiated in regards to each other. We also can use contrast to avoid overlapping and to get more attention from audience. There are five aspect that we can emphasis to show contrast, there are font size, font type,color, line and graphics.


Each element in the presentation should be balance especially in terms of symmetrical and asymmetrical. The image used should be visually connected to each other.


Use simple graphic and animation to ensure audience get what we are trying to deliver easily. In addition, when we use simple graphic and animation it would be more attractive and easily to understand the message.


Proximity applied Gestalt Theory where it gives its law “objects near each other tend to be grouped together”.Circles on the left appear to be grouped in vertical columns while those on the right appear to be grouped inhorizontal rows. This means that, objects with the same elements should be grouped near to each other while different element should be placed far from each other – avoid overlapping.The aim is to create a visual that consist of separated units.


We should have some part that we want to emphasis on.Emphasize on elements and information. This can be accomplished through text, size and color.


It is a standardization which helps to convey message to the audience. And remember too much repetition will lead to boring presentation. We may use different media such as text, graphic, audio and animation.

Then, Miss Aida took over the class because she wanted to give a short talk on Learning with Information in High Education. This session was actually enhanced our knowledge in order to create a good writing report. Hee it was not a short talk actually and the slides was so long and it make me sleepy.But I’m not sleep in the class okey, just not pay attention on the talk a bit =p.

The last session was about video editing. Today we learn how to edit or trimming video by using Adobe Premier Cs5. The process same goes with Movie Maker and that day, the software installed in the computer lab cannot run so good then, Encik Helmi promise us that we will continue discussing about this next week.

Miss Aida told us that she would give some prize for the best group presenter on our presentation day. That can make us being more motivated to give the best for our video. See yaaaa

Reflection week 11 ^^,


Heee once again, Assalammualaikum…

This week lecture was started with a reminding from Pn. Haz about our upcoming presentation. For our final presentation day, there are some parts that need to be focus on.

  • The video
  • Poster (for each group)
  • Our group blog (pictures and the process)
  • Our story board

Pn. Haz did mention that Ummi was planning to invite The Dean during our final presentation day. We felt a bit down because we never expect we would present our video project in front of The Dean. Moreover, Pn. Haz wanted us to construct a short essay regarding our process to complete our video project. She want us to put our essay on our group poster, so the audience will get some rough view about what we are going to present that day.

Then, En. Helmi took over the class, today he going to teach us about video editing. There are lots of software that can be use for video editing, but today we going to learn about Windows Live Movie Maker. This software have the old version and the latest version.  During class, I use the latest version of Movie Maker which is 6.0 version but I only manage to download Window Movie Maker 2.6 for my laptop. Even though they are slightly different to each other, I still can applied what I learn in class when I was in my college.

Heee I’m proud of myself actually, because I never use this software before.Ye lah, I’m not into those kind of gadgets and computer stuff right and it was such a good achievement for a beginner like me =)

See, it was too simple, yet we can add more attracting elements while editing our video like import a video into it or insert many songs. Beside that, we can put effects to our video like black and white mood or sephia. Hee for my first trial of video editing, I’m just use the basic parts ^^, SOO MALASSS.ehehe

Oh ya, En. Helmi also reminds us that next week, we would learn more on video editing, photo editing and will meet with new terms name CASPER =D Can’t wait to meet CASPER.huuu. It was just around the corner for our final presentation. En. Helmi keeps on reminds us that video trimming is the most important parts in video editing, we need to put extra attention on it.

Till we meet again in next week, see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =)

My reflection week 10 ^^,

I’m so nervous today, because we are going to present of progress with our video project. We need to present our draft in front of the whole class. The first lucky group that presenting the video was Syafasafiratin group. Their theme was about friendship, on how friendship happened without a concrete reason. I like their trailer because they do some interviews with kindergarten kids on what are friendship all about.

Next group was Fahmi’s group. Their theme was about healthy lifestyle. They encourage people to do all sorts outdoor activities and they chose Broga Hills for their main site. I wish I could hike that hills before my graduation day =) Fahmi’s group also showed some of their interviews with the visitors that come to Broga Hills. S0, Encik Helmi did mention that we need to state details about the people that we are interviewed.

For our group, we manage to show Encik Helmi our first stage on the video shooting. For this first video draft, we manage to edit the first stage that show the beauty of the world. Mr. Helmi told us that our video would be more interesting if we add in some interviews. So, after this we would make some other brainstorming to make our video more interesting. Actually, we already finished our video shooting, but when Encik Helmi asked us to add some interviews so we need to do other shooting,yeayyyyyyyyyy =). Oh, ya Encik Helmi also give some tips for us before we add in the interviews which is always make sure appears the text first before show the interview. Okey Incik, we will not forget that tips.

will update more on my next post,see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ^^,

Semester break ^^,

Assalammualaikum =) the cuti was finally come..hehee

This entry was actually saved in my draft an I will uploaded it when I finished type everything. Procrastinate again.

It’s okey, so I wanted to share my story during my mid sem break. *da lapuk* hee.

The very exciting story along my ‘cuti’ is I got a new baby =) My sis just deliver her first baby in Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru. My mom seems to be the happiest nanny in the world because she had being waiting for a girl grand daughter . Akid and Aniq would be eager to for meeting their new cousins.

Achu heart you Ara

Achu heart you Ara

So, baby siting Ara was my main activity during this mid sem break =D When it comes about ‘cuti’ it’s also about food and ‘jalan-jalan’. Like always, for sure with my beloved cousins and sisters.

happy =)

happy =)

My food hunting start with the delicious Takoyaki =) i had tried somewhere in Bangi but I think at my hometown it taste more better. Then, my cousin ask us to tried on Snogurt since it had just launched a new branch in Pontian. We chose green apple and mango flavour an that flavour suits our taste buds nicely. We sit at Pontian Tambak and take some pictures before going back. I’m also adopting a kitten during my sem break and now my abah take care of it,hee sayang Abah. See??? There is no story of Ummi Amira with assignments during sem break =.= thats why I end up stucked with the overloads assignments.

Sorry Ummi Rosseni, I didn’t able to do my vlog this is all I manage to do ='(